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Snake Awareness Training Handbook

Our advisor, Jonathan Twining, originally developed a set of training tools for us to use regarding snake awareness.  With the success of our training program, we soon found that there was a need for a more complete training handbook that community organizations, non-profits, and individual trainers might be able to use to deliver snake awareness training in other communities.  The first version of this handbook is available below..  It is being freely distributed to anyone who wants a copy.  This document may be updated from time to time as we receive feedback from trainers around Kenya.  If you have feedback about the handbook, please use the contact form below to send it to us!

Training Materials

Snake Awareness Training Handbook (Entire handbook with interactive table of contents)
Appendix 1: Snake ID Photos for Western Kenya
(print and laminate for training if these snakes are in your area)
Appendix 2: Snake ID Photos For Other Parts Of Kenya
(print and laminate only if these snakes are in your area)

If you have feedback regarding the handbook, please send it to us:

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