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Donate To Help Us Meet These Challenges

Community Engagement around Venomous Snake Awareness Training

  • Training and educational supplies

  • Copying, printing, laminating training materials

  • Provide lunch and transportation fares for training participants

  • Stipends for trainers

  • First aid training for conservation area volunteers

  • First aid kits for snakebite

  • Shoes, boots, walking sticks, and torches for those working in snake-prone areas


  • Tree seedlings and seeds for the tree nursery

  • Entrance gate for the fence

  • Small shed for nursery and conservation tools and supplies

  • Stipends for monitoring personnel

  • Equipment needs (see below)

  • Development and delivery of conservation training

Equipment Needs:

  • Trail cameras to detect mammals and birds using the conservation area

  • Audio recording equipment for monitoring frog and bird activity

  • Headlamps and torches for nighttime monitoring (frogs)

  • Weather meter

Our ultimate goal is to build a nature center at the conservation area that can be used for educational programs and be made available to researchers and educators from across Kenya and around the world.  If you would be interested in funding this kind of project, please contact us.  

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