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Our Training Team

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Who are our trainers? What are we training the community about?

Silas Wekesa Muchenje (far right above) began engaging the community through training in March 2022.  Silas is a skilled trainer with many years of community development experience.  The first training class he offered was snake awareness training.  This is an important issue for our community; you can click here to find out why.  This training includes information on snakes and their importance in ecosystems, myths and misconceptions about snakes, snake identification, prevention of snakebite, and what to do if you are bitten by a venomous snake.

Since that time, Silas has also led training sessions on the basic principles of conservation, including what biodiversity is and why it is important, threats to biodiversity, and an introduction to community conservation.  Future training programs will include information about the species in our conservation area, including frogs, lizards, and possibly leopards.  

Our training programs have been very successful, and have ranged from 20-60 participants at two training sessions per week.  We graduated our first class of 14 participants in snake awareness training in May 2022.  Of these 14, six have been trained as new trainers to go out into other parts of the village one day per week to start training in basic conservation and snake awareness.  The teams consist of the following pairs: John Khisa and Gloria Mukarima; Lydia Wanyonyi and Conjester Walumbe; Evans Wekesa and Daphine Wakokha.  

Let’s Work Together

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Myanga-Bungoma, Kenya

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