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Our Frogs

Our Canaries in the Coal Mine

Frogs are important indicators of ecosystem health because they are often amongst the first animals impacted by habitat degradation and pollution.  We have confirmed that the species below are in the Upendo Conservation Area.  We have recorded others, but have not yet confirmed their identity.

Our Methods

Our goal is to complete species inventories for every type of animal in our conservation area.  For frogs, we conduct visual encounter surveys and audio surveys to detect frogs.  We try to get photographs and good audio recordings, which are analyzed by one of our partners and compared to the known calls of frogs from our area.  However, there are a few frogs in western Kenya that have not had their calls recorded and published, so for those we will need to have visual confirmation of the frogs when calling.  We primarily use The Amphibians of Kenya for frog identification.  

Meet Our Frogs


Lake Victoria clawed frog (Xenopus victorianus)

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