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Our Partners

The conservation managers for the Upendo Conservation Area consult regularly with the consultants below with regard to conservation management, species identification, and fundraising.

Professor Emeritus Jonathan Twining

Professor Twining is a retired professor of environmental science and conservation biology at Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy, MA USA.  His interests are herpetology, amphibian bioacoustics, community engagement with snakebite envenoming, and conservation management.  His role with the conservation area is consulting and advising on species inventories, amphibian bioacoustics, survey techniques, and development of educational materials and training modules.  Twining has also worked on fundraising efforts for the conservation area.  He can be reached at 

Snake Community Action Network

We are partners with the Snake Community Action Network (SCAN), which is a group of people passionate about snakes, conservation, and snakebite prevention.  The mission of SCAN is to educate and create awareness about snakes in the communities of East Africa in order to save lives.  They carry out this mission by raising awareness through education, assistance with first aid and prevention strategies, and the safe removal and relocation of snakes from homes, schools, and businesses.

Commited to Conservation
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