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Welcome!  We are glad you are here to visit us and learn more about our conservation area.  We hope you will come visit us if you are ever in Kenya!

Our Mission and Vision

The Upendo Conservation Area (Upendo) is a small (<2 hectare) protected area along the riparian corridor of the Nakhwana River near Myanga in Bungoma County, Kenya, not too far from the border with Uganda.  Upendo was established in 2021 for purpose of protecting and conserving the biodiversity of the remaining reptiles, amphibians, and other small animals, along with the habitat they need for survival and reproduction.  So far well over 100 species have been documented within Upendo, including three snake species, 15 frog species, Nile monitors and other smaller lizards, the helmeted terrapin, and a variety of birds and mammals including the African civet, rusty-spotted genet, vervet monkeys, hedgehogs and three species of mongoose.  

Our vision includes preserving the biodiversity of the river corridor, restoration of the surrounding lands that were impacted by sugarcane production in the past, and addressing the conflicts between humans and snakes that result in the death or disability of humans and the death of both venomous and non-venomous snakes.  To. learn more about these goals of Upendo, click on the links below or in the menu at the top of the page.

Contact Us:

Silas Wekesa Muchenje, Director

PO Box 586

Myanga, Bungoma, Kenya

+254 713 241 183

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