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  • Jonathan Twining

Graduation Day!!!!

Let me introduce you to the first graduating class from snake awareness training in Mwiyenga, Kenya. These 14 people worked hard to learn about snakes and why they are important, snake identification, prevention of snakebite, and what to do if you are bitten. Each was presented with a Certificate of Achievement by the trainer and director of the Upendo Conservation Area, Silas Wekesa Muchenje. The 14 people are Dorine Nelima Sifuna, Lydia Nekesa Wanyoni, Evans Wulongo Wekesa, John Khisa, Jentrix Naliaka Wanjala, Conjester Nanyama Walumbe, Paul Wafula Mwila, Catherine Wangusi, Isaac Wekesa Wekulo, Doricas Machuma, Ephamia Namarome, Elizabeth Nanjala Muchanga, Daphine Nafula Wakokha, and Gloria Mukarima. Amongst this group, there are people who have suffered as a result of snakebite; Conjester lost her 17-year-old daughter to snakebite and Doricas had to sell her cow to pay for treatment of a snakebite. And then there is Ephamia Namarome, who is 87 years old, and really surprised the trainer and participants with the knowledge she had obtained about snakes by the time she graduated.

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